Tree Farmer Replacement Project (AYC Fund Raising)

In 2015, AYC launched a fund raising project for the purchase of new Yard equipment.  This was done as the life expectancy of our current Tree Farmer is drawing near.  We are being proactive in attempting to raise funds as an alternative to having to apply a special assessment to the Membership when the replacement is required.

An AYC Fund Raising Committee prepared a schedule of events which provided great entertainment for AYC Members and their Guests, while feeling good about contributions they make to this very important project.

In 2016, we started with placement of Recycle Bins at the head of Marinas.  Members do their part to ensure we separate garbage from recycling.  They also encourage everyone to place recycling cans/bottles, etc. in the appropriate containers.  ALL proceeds are go toward the Project fund.

Participation by members and their guests is critical to the success of each event/initiative as well as to the project and ultimately to the success of our Club.  So please mark you calendars and show your support by attending these events!

If you have an idea for a fund raiser or want to make a contribution to the fund, please send an e-mail to the AYC Office or any member of the COM.

Funds Raised:

2015      $7,976.17

2016      $3,064.10

2017      $5,598.25

2018      $2,776.00

2019      $5,423.05

Total raised to date = $24,837.57

Last updated September, 2019