Bottom Paint for Sale

The Club sells Ameron Ablative Bottom Paint with proceeds going to the AYC Learn to Sail Program!

The paint is available in Red, Blue and Black. The price is $185.00 per gallon, tax included.  Please book your orders with the AYC Office.

Email:      Phone: 902.477.4617

If there is interest we can put on a seminar on preparation, application and maintenance of bottom coats, later in the spring.

Why use Ameron Ablative Paint?

Ablative paint is a paint that wears as your boat goes through the water thus releasing the chemicals that prevent growth.

It can be applied at temperatures as low as 10 degrees C. It is recommended that two colours be used so that the wear spots can be seen and touched up without complete recoating. For those who don’t want buildup, the ablative paints are extremely easy to sand.

Ameron Ablative paint is safe to use over all paints except those with Silicone or Teflon.