AYC New Senior Member Referral Program (External)

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AYC Invites Businesses to earn a fee for referring clients to join the Armdale Yacht Club (AYC)!

AYC is excited to launch a new program for businesses who refer prospective members to join our yacht club.  AYC is offering a $200 incentive for any referral that leads to a new ‘Senior’ membership! 

  • A new Senior Member is defined as a first-time Senior Members of AYC.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
  • Only one referral payment will be made by AYC for each new Senior Member referred during the period of the program.  In the case where more than one referral form is received for the same new Senior Member, the payment will be divided equally among each confirmed referral claim.
  • The period between a claim for a referral payment and an application for membership to the AYC Office by the person being referred must not exceed twelve (12) months.  

Information brochures about the Armdale Yacht Club can be downloaded from this site

The process to make a referral is quick and simple:

  • Identify prospective new member
  • Discuss benefits of joining AYC
  • Complete a copy of the referral form below, and send to the AYC Office by e-mail or fax (as noted on the form below).  If making more than one referral, please complete a separate form for each referral.
  • Once the prospective new member application has been approved and their payment processed by AYC, a referral payment will be made. 

*A Senior Member is a yacht owner keeping a yacht at AYC.  To become a Senior member, a completed AYC Application for Membership must be submitted to the AYC Office, for approval by the Committee of Management (COM).  The application must be signed by two members of the Club who shall act as sponsors.  In lieu of sponsors, applicants will be subjected to an interview process by an appropriate authority approved by the COM. Dues and entrance fees must accompany the application.

To  make a referral, please complete a Referral Form and send by e-mail to office@armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca or fax to 1-902-477-0148. 
For AYC Office inquiries, please call 902-477-4617, Ext. 1.

AYC New Senior Member Referral Program Submission Form (External)