AYC Member Categories, Dues, Fees & Services

AYC is a perfect place to enjoy all the social activities with friends and family, and make new acquaintances too!

AYC has several Membership Categories:

Senior – Boat Owner; 25+ years of age

Intermediate – Boat Owner; 19 through 24 years of age

Junior – Boat Owner; 12 through 18 years of age

Social – No Boat; 19+ years of age 

Affiliate – Member of another Yacht Club; No boating services; 19+ years of age

Outport – From outside Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM); May be with Boat; 19+ years of age

Did you know…?  You don’t have to come with a boat to be a Member of AYC.  If you do not keep a boat at AYC and plan to regularly take part in the fun AYC scheduled activities/events, you can apply to become a Social* Member.  Click here to see details about Social Membership.

Click here to view Dues, Fees & Services Schedule (2020 01 01)

Calculate approximately what it will cost you to join AYC using the 2020 AYC Estimate Form.
Note:  this is an estimate only.  The AYC Office Administrator will calculate/confirm the exact cost.

Joining is easy!  Download the Application for Membership (2019 04)  Complete in full, and mail or drop off to the AYC Office, along with your payment.

The AYC Committee of Management (COM) will review your application and announce it to the AYC Membership.  Processing time for an application may take 2 – 4 weeks, following which you will receive a call informing you of the outcome of your application and the next steps.


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The Marine Services Manager (MSM) makes all Marina and Mooring assignments, and Launch or Haul Out bookings.  Contact the MSM at 902-477-4617, Ext. 3 or 902-476-2064 (direct) or e-mail to dockmaster@armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca .

AYC monitors Channel 68 for service.  Yard Hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM.

Refer to ‘Rules Respecting Grounds, Moorings, Marinas & Other Facilities’ for more info re Tender Service, Moorings, Marinas.


  1. Use of marine slipway for period beyond normal requirements of launch or haul out requires prior approval of the MSM.
  2. Boats hauled on marine slipway, other than an “emergency”, must use a cradle or have prior approval of the MSM.
  3. For launch or haul, boat owner or their representative must deliver their boat to and from the slip.  If Yard crew provides this service, labour/work boat rate of $62 per hour (minimum ½ hr) will be charged.
  4. Hauling of heavy boats must have prior approval of the COM.  Approved vessel list is in AYC Office.
  5. Scheduling haul outs of wet stored boats in Spring is done with the MSM.
  6. Haul, launch and other Yard services provided only to members in good standing with the club.

Members must complete a Launch/Haul Out Waiver & Request form.  Members must also have current member profile and boating services information on file, as well as proof of current insurance showing member name, vessel name, insurance company name, coverages and expiry date.  All forms are available from the MSM, the AYC Office or in the Members Area of this web site.

Your boat must be unlocked if you or your representative can not be present during your launch/haul time.  If Staff needs to move your boat and it is locked, they cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vessel. Ropes and fenders should be placed in your boat in full view and be easily accessible to the Yard Staff.  Extra fees are charged if these items are not available and Club lines or fenders need to be used.

Assignment of marinas, dry storage & lockers is based on a waiting list.  Positions are assigned based on the date of the request. The order of the assignment of a marina also depends on boat type and dimensions. If you are called about availability of a service and decline, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list.  The marina change list takes priority over new marina requests. Please contact the MSM if you have a marina request.


  1. Carry your membership card on you while at the Club.
  2. Label your cradle, trailer and tender with your member number and/or name somewhere visible.
  3. When you bring Guest(s) to the Clubhouse, you must sign them into the Guest Book and accompany them during their stay.
  4. You are encouraged to introduce yourself to the Club staff so you are familiar to them as you require services.
  5. Ensure you receive the weekly ‘AYC eNews’, and check the AYC web site regularly for information about Club events.

ALL AYC members must provide a current credit card number to the AYC Office & will be transitioned to one of the following billing options:

Payment Plan – Available to Senior, Intermediate & Life Members only.  All yearly dues and fees, except Annual Member Dues, Sail Canada Dues and the Food & Beverage Credit (FBC), are totaled and divided into 10 monthly payments.  Credit card is charged with 9 equal monthly installments (March 1 through November 1), and the 10th and final installment on December 1 is charged with the actual adjusted balance owed.  Any default is automatically charged to the member’s credit card number on file.  Note:  The aforementioned Annual Member Dues, Sail Canada Dues and the Food & Beverage credit (FBC) amounts must be paid in full upon being invoiced at the beginning of the calendar year.  Members using winter power are billed based on an estimate which is adjusted on their account when the meter readings are submitted to the Office.

Auto-Billing – Credit card is automatically charged for the full amount of Invoice within 5 – 7 days from the Invoice date.

Alternatively, a member may provide post-dated cheques with 10 equal payments beginning March 1 based on current fees, requested services and an estimate of previous year’s utilities.  Member is informed of any balance owed after December 1 which is payable upon receipt of invoice.

Reinstatement Fee– $100. This fee applies to suspended members; fee plus any outstanding balance.

75 Burgee Run, Halifax, NS   B3P 0C9

AYC Office:  Phone 902-477-4617, Ext. 1; Fax 902-477-0148; Email office@armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca
Office Hours Tuesday – Friday   8:30 AM – 4:30 PM*, *Closed 12:00 Noon – 1 PM daily. 
We recommend calling ahead if you plan to visit the Office to ensure the Office Administrator is present to assist you.