Learn to Sail


Learn to sail on the beautiful Northwest Arm in AYC’s unique Learn to Sail (LTS) Program.  The sail training area visible from the Club offers what may be the best sail training conditions in sheltered waters in Atlantic Canada.

We have made changes to our program this year to ensure compliance with public health measures in relation to COVID-19. We are committed to ensuring a safe sail training experience that is fun and exciting for all participants. We ask that all interested participants thoroughly read through the information on this page and the documentation prepared by AYC.


AYC’s family-friendly program is intended for either individuals or groups of 2-3. Groups can include children/youth (11-18 years of age) if they are accompanied by an adult (19+). Open to both AYC Members and Non Members, the AYC program offers an experienced instructor, loads of fun and lots of outdoor time!

This year, the AYC program will be using Solings (27 foot keel boats). These boats are perfect for groups of 2-3 and offer an excellent balance of “small boat” fun with “big boat” stability and comfort. The program will introduce basic sailing skills and, depending on the interest of participants, more advanced technical skills and also cover racing roles of both skipper and crew.  Our focus is sailing “on the water”, as well as theory and on-land activities (knots, rigging, safety, etc.)  Participants will enjoy quality instruction by an experienced instructor; however, this program will not provide certification to the participants.


The AYC program is unique in that it offers complete scheduling flexibility.  You register and pay for ten (10) lessons – and YOU create your own program schedule!  Select one of the “Intro” sessions as your first lesson, and then choose the remaining nine (9) “Open” sessions from any the dates shown on the program calendar (see the 2020 calendar below).  Plus, you’re not locked into those dates.  The AYC program permits you to change any of the dates you originally selected to any of the other lesson dates within the same year you registered (pending space availability), at any time and for any reason! Just remember that if you register as a group, these changes need to be acceptable to everyone in your group!

Classes are held 6:00 – 9:00 PM on weekdays, and 1:00 – 4:00 PM on Sundays/weekends.

Once the dates showing on the calendar are filled, additional dates may be added. If you are interested, but the dates showing on the calendar are not suitable for you, please contact the AYC Office so we can let you know if additional dates become available.


In general, AYC provides everything you need to get on the water, but there are a few exceptions. All participants must supply and provide their own life jacket (DOT approved PFD), soft soled non-marking shoes, as well as a notebook and pencil. Due to public health requirements, AYC cannot lend PFDs or similar items to participants in the event that they arrive for a session without them! We want to make sure that you are able to get on the water for each of your scheduled sessions, so we ask that you please remember to bring your PFD! We apologise for any inconvenience.

Though many of the on-water sessions are scheduled during the evenings when the sun is low in the sky, we recommend that participants ensure that they have suitable UV protection (e.g., hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) as well as a small personal water bottle. Please note that all such personal items belonging to participants must be taken home at the end of each session and that AYC cannot provide or allow storage of any participants’ personal belongings during or between sessions due to current public health requirements.

As many of the sessions take place over meal times, we ask all interested participants to carefully read through AYC’s Sail Training COVID-19 Policy (attached to the Registration Form) when planning to bring food or personal supplies to any of the sessions.


Fees for enrollment in the Learn to Sail program depend on a number of factors, including whether you are an AYC member, the size of your group and the age(s) of the participants:

2020 MEMBER RATES (Applicable where all adult members of group are Social or Senior AYC Members)
-One (1) Adult = $350 + HST@15% = $402.50
-Two (2) Adult Person Group = $600 + HST@15% = $690.00
-Three (3) Adult Person Group = $825 + HST@15% = $948.75
-One (1) Parent and One (1) Child Group = $550 + HST@15% = $632.50
-One (1) Parent and Two (2) Child Group = $800 + HST@15% = $920.00
-Two (2) Parents and One (1) Child Group = $850 + HST@15% = $977.50

-One (1) Adult = $400 + HST@15% = $460.00
-Two (2) Adult Person Group = $700 + HST@15% = $805.00
-Three (3) Adult Person Group = $925 + HST@15% = $1,063.75
-One (1) Parent and One (1) Child Group = $575 + HST@15% = $661.25
-One (1) Parent and Two (2) Child Group = $900 + HST@15% = $1,035.00
-Two (2) Parents and One (1) Child Group = $975 + HST@15% = $1,121.25

“Child” means ages 11-18
“Adult” means ages 19+

Become a Social Member (you don’t have to own a boat to become a member) and enjoy the member rate for the Learn to Sail Program.  To find out how to become a member, visit the ’Join AYC’ section of this web site


To Register for the Program, please first complete and submit a registration form, along with payment, to the AYC Office.  Payment is required when registration is submitted. Click here to download the 2020 LTS Registration Form and COVID-19 Policy.

Only one registration form is required for everyone in your group (if applicable). In addition to the registration form, each Participant in your group (or parent/guardian on behalf of children/youth) must complete the following:

(1) AYC Learn to Sail Waiver & Release Form
(2) Declaration of Compliance (COVID-19)

Please ensure that everyone in your group carefully reads, understands and agrees to the terms and requirements as set out in these documents.

All documents must be submitted to the AYC Office before registration is complete. If you have any questions about these documents or requirements, please contact the AYC Office.


A $25 administration fee will be charged for each member of your group if you cancel your registration at least 1 week prior to your first scheduled session.  Once your lessons have commenced there is no refund of the registration fee or carryover for lessons that remain unused at the end of the sail training program dates for that year, except in exceptional circumstances.

Contact:  AYC Office (902) 477-4617, Ext. 1; office@armdaleyachtclub.ns.ca